Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 4

Jan 27

I know it’s not even February until next week, but I honestly can’t stop loving everything spring right now. Seeing all the spring fashion hit my favorite stores is really too much for me to handle at the moment. I want to wear pastel everything! So, not surprisingly, this week it’s all about pretty pastels. And this gorgeous pink lamp, which I think would look just perfect on my desk. A shiny pink lamp? You know you love it.

{Shop: lamp / ring / striped top / gingham envelopes / loafers / tote.}

6 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 4”

  1. I DO love that lamp. And it DOES look like candy. I kinda want to lick it. weird. I know. But it looks like those candy rings you used to get when you were little. anyone? This post makes me even more excited for spring…if that’s possible!

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