Party Shopping: Board Game Night

Mar 1

There’s nothing I love more than small at-home gatherings with the best of friends, laughter and good times. So while winter makes it’s final push, I’m feeling like a board game night with my best people. My idea for the perfect way to do a board game night? Keep it cozy with floor cushions, fluffy throws, a punch bowl or pitcher boasting a tasty signature cocktail and a fix-your-own homemade pizza station. Oh and my favorite game of the moment, The Game of Things.

{Shop: The Game of Things / punch bowl / appetizer plates / pizza board / bon appetit napkin / Italian herbs / pizza cutter / throw / pencils.}

4 thoughts on “Party Shopping: Board Game Night”

  1. The game Dixit is our new game night favorite, and a cocktail sounds nice but our guests usually prefer beer. Thanks for the inspiration!

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