Loving Paper Popsicles

Apr 16

Paper popsicles. They’re popping up everywhere lately and I’m completely loving them. Do you remember being a kid and running around on hot summer days slurping on popsicles? I do. I was usually barefoot with long tangled hair and skinned knees. Because that’s how I rolled. (For the record, that’s pretty much how I still roll.) Whether styled as impossibly adorable party invitations, crafted into a kid-friendly game of memory, or rockin’ out as pretty wall art, popsicles are where it’s at for me today. A day where it’s supposed to be nearly 90 here in Syracuse and where you may or may not find me chasing an ice cream truck later this afternoon.

{Photos, from top left: Jesse Chamberlin of Our Labor of Love via design*sponge / Martha Stewart Living / Caitlin McGaule via Lonny / Eat Drink Chic.}

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