Help Me Pick My New Glasses from Mezzmer!

Aug 21

Fair warning: This post contains more iPhone self-portraits than is anywhere near socially acceptable. You’ll have to forgive me this once! Yesterday I was excited to receive a little black box full of glasses from Mezzmer. I have been obsessing over Mezzmer’s stylish specs for months now. They offer incredibly fashionable frames all priced at just $99 including prescription lenses. Bonus – you can do what I did and order five pairs to try on at home to make the selection process super easy! You get five days to try them on, mull it over and pick a favorite. Then you just ship them back using the provided shipping label and order up your new glasses. Double bonus – a portion of all sales is donated to charity. How cool is that? I ordered my samples on Friday and they arrived on Monday so it’s quick, too!

Fashionable eyewear from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

I was so excited to open up the shipping box to reveal this adorable little black fabric box. Nestled inside were all of my picks!

Fashionable eyewear from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Of course, I immediately started digging into all of them, trying them on and having way too much fun for my own good. So much easier than trying to find something you like under a bunch of pressure in the store! Then I figured I should take a bunch of photos and ask you all to chime in on which pair you like best! A lot of them have a similar style going on, because I definitely had a pretty good idea of what I was going for when I placed my try-on order. Here are the five pairs I chose to try on at home…

Fashionable eyewear from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Town Hall in Tortoise-2 | Mickey in Brown Fade | Rodeo in Tortoise | Presley in Black Crystal | Havana in Honey

Ok, now the fun embarrassing part – way too many photos of my face than I have any business posting on the internet! I think am leaning toward a particular favorite, but I’m kind of torn between two in particular. And that, dear, friends is where you come in! Help me pick my new glasses by chiming in below with which style you think I should be rockin’ this fall. My old glasses have been hanging around for eons so I’m definitely excited for an update.

Rodeo glasses from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Rodeo in Tortoise

Presley glasses from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Presley in Black Crystal

Mickey glasses from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Mickey in Brown Fade

Havana glasses from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Havana in Honey

Town Hall glasses from Mezzmer on The Sweetest Occasion

Town Hall in Tortoise-2

Ok, that was rough. (But I have to say, I am loving these glasses!) So which ones are you loving best? Fire away!

{Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.}

Editor’s Note: In exchange for reviewing their cool specs, I will be receiving a free pair of glasses compliments of Mezzmer. I received no monetary compensation and all reviews/opinions contained in this post are my own. Read more about our editorial policies.

31 thoughts on “Help Me Pick My New Glasses from Mezzmer!”

  1. I actually like the two at the bottom the most. I think they really frame your face beautifully without looking too big or too small. (Havana and Town Hall)

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  2. I really like the way Presley once look on you! I will have to agree with most on the second choice being Town Hall….you can’t give us all these options and expect us to only choose one :-)

  3. I’d have to say that for your face shape I really love Rodeo the best. It looks classic and is softer than black. But with that said Presley also looks great on you!

  4. LOVE the presley! I’m so excited about this post. I’ve been needing glasses since the spring and keep putting it off because I can’t find any that I love AND that are in my price range. Can’t wait to try this out. Lookin’ good Cyd!

  5. Hoorah! New glasses are so exciting!
    I vote Town Hall; it’s a good width and it fits your bridge best out of all of them!

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