Party Palette: Espresso + Wheat

Sep 10

Ok, friends. I am officially caving. This time a week ago I was all, “Hell no, we won’t go,” regarding basically all things fall. Pumpkin spice lattes? I’m just not ready. But low and behold, just a few short days later and I’m admittedly that fall is creeping up and getting ready to make an appearance in a big way. So we’re talking fresh, pretty fall colors today. We’re not jumping headfirst into oranges and umber just yet, but we are going to talk about espresso and wheat. And how they look so so lovely paired with just a whisper of misty blue, stucco and olive. Anyone else holding out on jumping on the fall bandwagon just yet? It’s ok. We can do this together.

Espresso + wheat | Fall color palette from The Sweetest Occasion

{Photos, from top: Clara von Zweigbergk / Richard Watkins / Socialbliss.}

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