Christmas Snippets

Jan 3

I thought I would take a quick moment today to share with you a few Christmas snippets, Instagram style of course. My holidays involved lots of time with family and loved ones, more than my fair share of Tom and Jerrys, and lots and lots of snow. Add in copious amounts of coffee, mountains of presents to wrap, baking cookies, prepping photo shoots and spying on Christmas lights through the neighborhood and December turned out to be a pretty amazing month!

Christmas snippets | The Sweetest Occasion

I have to say, at the edge of possibility of all that 2013 could be, I am feeling remarkably lucky and blessed for this humble little life that I am living. Count me in as eternally grateful for the love that surrounds me and the love I am lucky enough to give in return.

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{Photos by Cyd Converse.}

6 thoughts on “Christmas Snippets”

  1. I’d never seen a picture of you before so it’s nice to finally see the beautiful face behind the beautiful blog! I’m in love with that jar snow globe, did you make it? It’s beautiful. Happy 2013 Cyd!

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