Friday Link Love

Jan 11

Happy Friday, friends! How was everyone’s first full week back in the swing of things? I have to be honest, mine was completely and utterly mind boggling. I wish I could tell you all about it and I hate being one of those bloggers that’s all, “Amazing things happened this week and I want to tell you but I can’t yet!” but alas, that’s where we’re at. What I can tell you is that instead of having a lazy weekend as intended, I’m going to be cranking things into hyperdrive over here behind the scenes and just as soon as I can, I will be spilling the beans. What I can also tell you, is that all of you are amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for being such a huge part of making my little girl dreams come true. Thank you for giving life to my passion and inspiring me everyday. Ok. Enough sappiness. Wishing you all a happy weekend…see you here on Monday! xoxo

Photo by Sincerely, Kinsey | via The Sweetest Occasion

{Photo by Sincerely, Kinsey.}

A little link love for your weekend…

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  1. I love looking at travel boards on Pinterest whenever I’m feeling stressed or stir-crazy. I’ll definitely be adding the one you linked to my favorites :)

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