Party Palette: Geranium + Sunshine

Jan 28

I have to be honest, guys, and admit that I’m really tired this week. Mentally, I’m all kinds of inspired and fired up following Alt Summit last week, but physically I am running pretty close to empty. Long days of work and excitement combined with too little sleep are definitely catching up with me. With that in mind, I really felt like a big burst of cheerful color today. Pairing bold shades of geranium, sunshine and clementine, this palette is definitely the ticket for me at the moment. Anyone else needing a little extra pep in your step this Monday morning? Hopefully this helps!

Geranium + sunshine | The Sweetest Occasion

{Photos, from top: Kelly Cummings | Urban Outfitters via Plenty of Colour | Hello Naomi.}

4 thoughts on “Party Palette: Geranium + Sunshine”

  1. What a perfect palette for today’s dreary sleet fest. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and all of the great things ahead. Thanks for the lovely boost of cheer.

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