Alt Summit 2013: Up and Coming Blogs

Jan 28

Alt Summit 2013 Up and Coming Blogs | The Sweetest Occasion

As promised last week, I’m kicking things off this morning by sharing a little recap of my panel discussion from Alt Summit last week. Nathan Williams of KinfolkPromise Tangeman, Vivian Mansour of ish & chi and I were charged with the exciting (but fairly well daunting) task of sharing our picks for some of the freshest blogs going. These blogs are essentially our picks for the blogs you want to add to your daily must-read list. There were no hard and fast rules for how we each selected the blogs that made the list, but in general I personally went for blogs that have been around for no more than a couple of years, have really new and exciting ideas, and combine beautiful content with equally lovely site design. Keep in mind that these blogs are presented in no particular order. Oh and they’re all completely awesome. So who’s ready to dig in? Your Google Reader can thank me later.

Up and coming DIY Blogs | The Sweetest Occasion

DIY gold foil flowers via The Sweetest Occasion

{Photo by Fellow Fellow.}

Not surprisingly, I chose to highlight some of my favorite DIY blogs. These ladies are crazy talented and dream up the sweetest projects that will inspire you to deck out your home, your wardrobe and your parties with color, pattern and endless merriment. I said during the panel that anybody who blogs a tutorial for any kind of sweater or sweatshirt with a giant heart on the front is basically my new best friend. Needless to say, you’ll find that and so much more from these super talented bloggers!

Up and coming food blogs | The Sweetest Occasion

Sunday Suppers via The Sweetest Occasion

{Photo by Sunday Suppers.}

Curated by the incomparable Nathan Williams, the founder and editor of Kinfolk Magazine, these blogs are completely drool worthy. (Pun absolutely intended.) Pairing stunning photography, thoughtful narrative and recipes that will make every day feel like a celebration, Nathan highlighted a handful of tried and true favorites and a whole bunch of new-to-me blogs you can bet I’ve already added to the rather lengthy collection of food-centric blogs on my Google Reader subscription list.

Up and coming decor + fashion blogs | The Sweetest Occasion

Gallery wall

{Photo by Yellow Brick Home.}

Selected by the supremely lovely Vivian Mansour of ish & chi, these blogs represent some of the best in home decor and fashion. Vivian herself is one heck of a stylish lady so it’s no surprise that these blogs are just that. Crazy stylish, modern, bright and awe-inspiring. So many of these blogs were new to me and I’ve found myself digging into all of the pretty surprises they have in store. No doubt, you’ll find yourself doing the same.

Unique up and coming blogs | The Sweetest Occasion

Platinum hair

{Photo by Kelli Murray.}

Chosen by the crazy talented (and crazy beautiful) Promise Tangeman, these blogs are all movers and shakers in their own right. Promise showcased blogs that have a truly unique voice, drawing in and engaging readers in really intriguing ways. While not all design-oriented in nature, they are all truly inspiring. These are the blogs you’ll visit, stay awhile and be so glad you did.

Spread the Love | The Sweetest Occasion

Spring flowers

{Photo by Sunday Suppers.}

In an effort to spread the blog love, I asked all of the panel attendees to choose five blogs they adore and leave that blogger a comment telling them that they rock. So today, I’m asking each of you to do the same! Just pick five blogs that you can’t live without and make a point to pop by at some point this week and let them know that you appreciate the beauty they’re putting out into the world. Likewise, if you have a blog you feel should have made this list, make sure to leave a comment here so we can all pop over and pay them a visit! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our picks for 2013’s up and coming blogs!

39 thoughts on “Alt Summit 2013: Up and Coming Blogs”

  1. So glad everyone is enjoying the list! Be sure to remember to spread the love. 5 blogs, 5 comments of appreciation this week. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you for including me in this list Cyd! I’m totally flattered :) I can’t wait to check out all the blogs you’ve listed here.. thank you!

  3. So happy I discovered The Sweetest Occasion through this blog post, though I will now have an entirely unproductive day to account for since I am SO checking out all of these up-and-coming blogs. I can also get behind any kind of ‘blog appreciation’ initiative, so you can bet I’ll be dropping comments left and right this week.

    This self-promotion thing doesn’t come easy to me, but I have been blogging for a while now over at and I would love some feedback from awesome bloggers like yourself. Feel free to check it out if you’re into travel, design and coffee :)

  4. LOVE the blogs by kelli murray, carlos whittaker and jon acuff! i also adore reading studio DIY. these are some great picks and i’m excited to read the others i haven’t read yet.

  5. Thank you for posting this list!! I was SO bummed that I missed this session at Alt and am so glad that you shared it with us. Can’t wait to click through to unknown blog heaven. Thanks again.

  6. Love this post! As a new blogger myself, I appreciate the “spread the love” concept. I’ve checked out a couple of these already and my reader is growing by leaps and bounds. Yay. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

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