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Friday Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! I want to take a quick moment to close out the week by recognizing how hard this week has been for our nation. Between the marathon tragedy, the current manhunt under way in the Boston area and the explosion in Texas, well, it’s just heartbreaking. My heart is aching for everyone affected and I am saddened that we are once again facing this kind of loss and grief. Is it just me or does it never seem to end? I was brought to tears watching the news more than once this week and I am just feeling stunned. So this weekend I am going to make sure to hold those I love a little closer and slow down a bit more to soak it all in. That is, after all, what it’s really all about. Sending you love and best wishes and hoping you and everyone you love are safe. xoxo

Painted Paper Flowers

[Photo by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day.]

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