Recently Pinning: Summer Camping

Jun 5

Recently Pinning: Summer Camping

If you were to ask me what my favorite way to spend my time is, I will always answer the same way. Quite simply put, it’s with no makeup on, dirty flip flop feet, cozied up next to a campfire by the lake with my best people. This is how I grew up. In a town just off the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, a hop skip and a jump from the Adirondack Mountains, skipping around the 1000 Islands and generally spending as much time barefoot and in the water as possible. Whether at the family lakehouse, on the boat or camping out for the weekend, there is just nothing like being outdoors for me in the summer. Recently we’ve been talking a lot about our summer plans and hoping to squeeze in at least a couple of weekend camping trips, so this probably explains why I have camping on the brain. Anyone else dreaming about summer camping? If so, pop over to Pinterest for more of the things inspiring me at the moment.

[Row 1: A Blog About Love | Rue | Row 2: Sugar Rush Cookies | Honey & Jam | Row 3:  John Dear | Elisa B Photography via The Sweetest Occasion.]

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