Recently Pinning: Beautiful Ballet

Aug 6

Recently Pinning: Beautiful Ballet

It’s not really much of a secret that I am rather obsessed with all things ballet. I’m not sure where it comes from other than I’ve been fascinated with the art of ballet since I was a kid. In my early days wielding a camera, I spent a lot of time photographing ballerinas in and out of the studio and it’s a subject that I still just love. (You can see some of my ballet photography circa 2000 if you’d like!) Lately I’ve found myself pinning a lot of dance-centric photos. These images just feel so poetic and beautiful to me in the simplest, loveliest of ways. Want to see more? Follow along on Pinterest!

[Row 1: Mads Teglers via Darling DexterSara Gray Photography for Amy Wing Designs | Row 2: Yan Photo | Row 3: Ballet BeautifulSara Gray Photography for Amy Wing Designs.]

1 thought on “Recently Pinning: Beautiful Ballet”

  1. I’m soo the same way. I’ve always been completely fascinated with ballet dancers, only difference between me and you is that I cannot dance for the life of me. haha I had no idea you were a ballet dancer though, that’s really cool.

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