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Get Inspired: 5 Sites I’m Currently Loving

Hey, friends! Sorry for the belated post today. I’m fresh home from a whirlwind business trip to Atlanta and am just settling in at my computer to get back in the groove. While on my flight back this morning I was thinking a lot about the great conversations that took place during this quick little trip and following the bunny trails of my mind as I do, it got me thinking about the sites and blogs that inspire me deeply and personally. I have referenced a few of these before, but I thought I’d take a quick moment to share a handful of sites I’m really loving these days. I hope they’ll inspire you, too, in some little or big way.

Clementine Daily

Newly launched Clementine Daily actually just burst onto the scene yesterday. The latest project from crazy talented Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, I’m already in love with the mix of real life inspiration for women. We’re talking advice columns, daily inspirational quotes, recipes, fashion tips, beauty insight and more. I’m already a big fan and can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Fresh Exchange

Here’s the deal. I’ve been reading The Fresh Exchange for a long while now, practically since the beginning. But Megan’s insight, inspiration and words just keep on getting better and better. She and her husband partner on their newly launched design business Wild Measure and on the blog, sharing amazing insight on life, business and those beautiful moments we all long for and cherish. Like lazy days on the lake. (Which you already know are my favorite.) Every image is a vacation for the mind and soul, making The Fresh Exchange one of my absolute favorite reads.


I have a feeling a lot of you are already fans of A Beautiful Mess. If you’re not, I hope you’ll become one! Penned by sisters Emma and Elsie, these ladies inspire me both professionally and personally. Professionally because of their seemingly boundless creativity and passion for what they do. Personally because they infuse their lives with beauty and style in a way that seems accessible and totally unfussy. In my head, I could meet these gals and we could talk for hours over cocktails and some kind of quilting project like long last friends. Not that I sew, you already know that. Just saying.

Kendi Everyday

Truth be told, I don’t follow many fashion blogs. Well, make that none. With the exception of Kendi Everyday. If I had to put my finger on exactly what it is I love about this blog, it’s Kendi’s approachable sense of humor in addition to her spot-on style that feels so relatable to me. I’m a girl who loves me some fashion, but sometimes it seems like work. (Is that the curse of being a work-from-home blogger? Maybe!) Fun work, but work nonetheless. Kendi makes even jeans look crazy fashionable and inspires me to think outside the yoga pants for casual days of running errands. Kendi is to fashion blogs as the perfect red lipstick is to your self esteem. (I just made that up, but it sounds good, right?)

How Sweet It Is

In full disclosure, I’m pretty sure I link to How Sweet It Is nearly daily in some capacity. Ok, ok, it’s at least weekly. But the thing is, I’m adore Jessica’s blog. Her recipes make me drool, her photography is pitch perfect, her writing makes me laugh and the girl appears to be just as obsessed with things like ice cream, sprinkles and goat cheese as I am. (Odd combination, I know, but all things I l.o.v.e.) If there’s one food blog you’re going to follow, it should be this one.

Of course, there are so many many blogs I read, visit and follow faithfully. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens if I am being perfectly honest with you. But these five have me feeling particularly inspired at the moment. Whether it’s to up the ante on the business front, to bake up a delicious looking pie or go hunting for the perfect little dress for a fall picnic date, they have me thinking outside of the box while simultaneously wanting to slow down and soak in all the beauty of this wild life we’re all living. I hope you enjoy and if you have a site you’re loving these days please share! I’m always up for new reads.

[Photos, from top: Ken Loechner | Mike Gilger | A Beautiful Mess | Kendi Everyday | How Sweet It Is.]

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Sara Gray

Saturday 7th of September 2013

Thanks for the new reads! I'm always so excited to find something new for inspiration.

Lisa Frank

Friday 6th of September 2013

Thanks for the inspiration...I'm always on the lookout for new great blogs! Not that I *need* one more blog to distract me from my to-do list. :) Most of these are new to me, but I'm a loyal follower of How Sweet It Is. I think I've pretty much pinned every recipe she's ever featured. That Jessica, she comes up with the craziest combinations of deliciousness I've ever seen! Oh, and don't forget her BACON obsession. That girl must workout a billion hours a know, in between all her eating and TV-watching marathons. Sounds like a great life to me!

Lisa :)


Friday 6th of September 2013

hahaha So true, Lisa! She does love her some bacon. Although I'm a vegetarian so I usually adapt her recipes that call for it ;-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.