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Three Ways: Fall Dresses

I make no secret of the fact that most of the time I’d rather be wearing yoga pants or dresses. At last count I had some obscene number of dresses in my closet, nearly all of which I don on the regular. Our fall so far has been really warm and sunny, but there’s still just enough of a chill in the air to necessitate layering things up before leaving the house most days. Chillier weather definitely doesn’t keep me from wearing dresses and it shouldn’t keep you from doing so either! Cozy up with your favorite cardigan and tights, pile on an oversized knit scarf and bust out your favorite riding boots. Fall dresses are my favorite!

3 Ways to Style a Dress for Fall

[Fall dresses | 1: Little Ditties | 2: Kendi Everyday | 3: Triple Thread from Chictopia.]

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