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Let’s Get Social!

Have you guys seen Joy’s new app, Pippit? It just launched earlier this week and after downloading it this morning I’ve been having fun playing around with it over the last hour or so. I currently have about, oh, zero followers, but it got me thinking that I might be past due for a little social media shout out. It’s no secret that all of us have become more and more social media obsessed over the last year, which I think is kind of fun, because it gives us far more ways to interact with each other and be social. So if you’d like, find me on Pippit (my username is cydconverse) and I’d love to see what you’re loving and sharing!

Cyd Converse | Instagram

Of course, everybody loves Instagram, myself included. Instagram is my go-to destination for sharing behind the scenes sneak peeks, travel photos, daily life and the random things I’m seeing and loving. Oh, and if you judge my feed by photos the likes of those above, apparently I also share lots of pictures of things I’m eating and drinking, too. Because, it’s Instagram. Duh. Follow me here!

Cyd Converse | Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down my favorite version of this phenomenon we call social media. It allows me to stash loads of inspiration for future posts and features as well as to organize things that have caught me eye in the world of design, decor, travel, photography and food. Oh gosh. I pin an entirely unacceptable number of recipes and I’d have it no other way. You guys know you love Pinterest, too, don’t even front. If you don’t already, pop on over and follow me if you feel so inclined!

The Sweetest Occasion | Facebook

Ok, then there’s Facebook! If you’re into Facebook, I’d love to have you like The Sweetest Occasion. Facebook has become such a great place for readers and I to interact and I love the conversation that’s happening over there! It’s where I share recent posts, but also other things I’m seeing and loving across the internet from recipes to DIY ideas to tips and tricks for home and entertaining. Oftentimes it’s where I ask readers to chime in with advice and feedback for me, too, whether it’s how to wear my hair or which paint colors they love best. I really hope you’ll join me there!

The Sweetest Occasion | Bloglovin'

Do you guys use Bloglovin’? Admittedly I am way late to the Bloglovin’ party, but I recently jumped on the bandwagon and I’m really enjoying it for keeping tabs on all of my favorite blogs. You can also find and follow The Sweetest Occasion on Bloglovin’ so you can be sure to never miss a post or update. Kind of fun, right?

Finally, if you’re down with Twitter you can find me here! Twitter is where I like to wax poetic about random things, share noteworthy articles and generally just chit chat about anything from the weather to what shoes I’m currently loving. Back in the day I was a massive Twitter junkie and while admittedly I don’t spend as much time there as I used to since Pinterest and Instagram have blown up, it’s totally an oldie but a goodie in my book.


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