A Pretty Persimmon Fall Centerpiece

Sep 23

Ok, friends. I get it. We’ve been talking about fall for a few weeks now, but now that fall is officially here as of today, I’m kind of in disbelief. Summer just went by so so quickly this year and after the bear of a winter we had last year, I’m just not quite ready to give up on the beautiful warm, sunny days that are the hallmark of our summers in the northeast. So what better way to embrace fall than with something really gorgeous and perfectly seasonal? Like this stunning fall centerpiece! Studded with persimmons, ranunculus, dahlias, and dusty miller all arranged in a shallow wooden bowl, it’s all kinds of lovely in my book. You can catch the DIY over at Santa Barbara Chic!

A Pretty Persimmon Fall Centerpiece

A Pretty Persimmon Fall Centerpiece

A Pretty Persimmon Fall Centerpiece


[Styling by Kelly Oshiro | Photos by Anna Costa.]

9 thoughts on “A Pretty Persimmon Fall Centerpiece”

  1. Absolutely fabulous! This makes me love persimmons even more! I always thought they were such an adorable, perfect for fall, and surprisingly aesthetic fruit.

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