Recently Pinning: Christmas Cheer

Dec 16

Just opening the Pinterest app on my phone these days is about all it takes to make me smile. My feed is just full up of beautiful holiday imagery from decor to wrapping ideas to recipes and cookies galore. I’m in heaven! Naturally I’ve been pinning up a storm over the last month or so and my Christmas board is filling up by the day. Or by the hour. Don’t judge me. Today I’m sharing just a glimpse of the things I’ve been pinning and loving recently. I’m loving a classic country, European Christmas vibe this year for sure. If you’re going coocoo for all things holidays at the moment, too, you can follow me over there, because this train shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Recently Pinning: Christmas Cheer by @cydconverse


[Row 1: Emma Dime | Ernie Enkelaar | Row 2: Joanne Pio for Freutcake | Pop and Soda | Row 3: Tu Eres el Chef | Sincerely, Liz from The Glitter Guide.]

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