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Festive + Nostalgic Christmas Decor

I know I’m not the only one who feels all levels of nostalgia come the holiday season. For me that nostalgia snuck up on me in full force as we spent the weekend doing so many of the things I remember doing as a kid. On Saturday we pulled out all of our boxes of decorations and ornaments and put up our tree. We baked cookies. We tortured the dog by dressing her up in garland. We blasted Christmas music for hours on end. Yesterday the boys and my mom helped me get a jump on a few upcoming posts. We spent the day in the kitchen and crafting and playing cards. All of those are things I always loved doing with my mom and my grandmother during the holidays and that nostalgic vibe definitely influences my personal taste in Christmas decor, too. My decorations are a collection of things I’ve picked up here and there over the years and a whole bunch of baubles and decorations I inherited when my grandmother passed. I tend to gravitate toward classic holiday decor with a touch of a woodland vibe, a bit of a Scandinavian influence and the occasional modern element. I don’t go out and buy a whole bunch of new things each year, opting to stick with the things I already own and love, but every year I usually find a new favorite to bring home and love. These are the things I’ve been eyeing this year in particular. The red candlesticks or the felt garland might just be my favorite. What’s your Christmas decor style? I’d love to hear all about it!

Festive + Nostalgic Christmas Decor from @cydconverse


[Row 1: Cut glass jar candle | Gold star ornament set | Red Candlesticks | Row 2: Gold bottle brush tree | Monogram stocking | Ceramic Santa | Row 3: Christmas fabric tape | Gold stemwareRed glass ornaments | Row 4: Felt garland | Stag bust | Snowy spruce trees.]

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