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Color Palette: Denim + Sherbet

Hey hey! Howdy and happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. We’re rockin’ it old school today and starting the week with a color palette. I know some of you are huge huge fans of the weekly color palette and others could take them or leave them, which is why I’ve been doing them a little less frequently, but still trying to keep them part of the regular flow around here. Hopefully you love this one! It’s the summeriest combination of blues and peach you ever did see. (Note: We officially just made summeriest a word. Work with me, friends.) It makes me want to go swimming, host a picnic and drink umbrella drinks, all at the same time. Who’s coming with me?

Color Palette: Denim and Sherbet


[Photos, from top: Sarah Eddy for Paper & Stitch | Brave Tart | Paper & Stitch.]

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