12 Awesome iPhone Wallpaper Designs for Winter

Jan 13

It turns out you guys are apparently crazy for a good iPhone wallpaper! On a whim this past May I shared 12 awesome iPhone wallpaper designs for summer and you loved them so much that I followed it up with my picks for the prettiest iPhone wallpapers for fall, which you loved equally as well. So today, you guessed it, I’m bringing you a round-up of 12 iPhone wallpapers perfect for winter! Some are motivational (perfect for the start of the year) while others are just plain ol’ pretty, which is basically what I go for when it comes to everything and anything all year long regardless of season. To download, click the links below to be taken to the original download source!

12 Awesome iPhone Wallpaper Designs for Winter from @cydconverse


[Row 1: Life is Lovely | Pink abstract flowers | Ombré snow | Row 2: She Believed She Could | Blue abstract | 2016 | Row 3: Shine Bright | Black abstract flowers | Bonjour | Row 4: Eat Well | Lips | Let’s Do Something Wonderful.]

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