Our Newborn Photos + The First 6 Weeks

Jan 14
Newborn photos for @cydconverse

It’s hard to believe that baby E is already going on two months old! Combine bringing home a newborn with the craziness of the holiday season (she was born just two days before Thanksgiving) and much of the last several weeks

12 Awesome iPhone Wallpaper Designs for Winter

Jan 13
12 Awesome iPhone Wallpaper Designs for Winter from @cydconverse

It turns out you guys are apparently crazy for a good iPhone wallpaper! On a whim this past May I shared 12 awesome iPhone wallpaper designs for summer and you loved them so much that I followed it up with my

The Sweetest Baby Shower

Jan 12
@cydconverse's Rustic Barn Baby Shower at a Vineyard

At long last, nearly three months later, I wanted to take a moment today to share my baby shower! In my line of work, I’ve seen dozens of beautiful baby showers. With that in mind, we wanted to do something really special,

Happy New Year + What’s To Come in 2016

Jan 11
How to Arrange Flowers from @cydconverse

Hello, friends and a belated happy New Year to you! After unexpectedly taking an extra week off last week, I’m here. I’m in the saddle. My coffee cup is large and it is full to the brim and I am

The Top 15 Posts of 2015

Dec 31
DIY Abstract Painted Mug by @cydconverse

If I wax poetic right now about how I can’t believe that we’re in the final hours of 2015, I’d be about the one millionth blogger to do so. Regardless, this is me officially proclaiming that I can’t believe that