10 Best Graduation Party Ideas

May 19

10 Best Graduation Party Ideas from @cydconverseMy oldest niece is graduating from high school in just a few weeks, and I’m so excited that my parents and I will be flying down to Florida to help her celebrate. Let me just say, the fact that she’s no longer a wide-eyed toddler kind of blows my mind! Now an easy five inches taller than I am, she’s off to college this fall, which makes me feel really old. (For the record, I first became an aunt very young, lest you should think I’m a senior citizen.) All of this, of course, has graduation season on my mind, which is what inspired me to round up some of the best graduation party ideas going! From decor to gifts, there’s a whole lot of fun right here.

Ready to honor your own graduate this spring? Click through for 10 of the best graduation party ideas!

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