8 Best Peeps Inspired Easter Ideas

Apr 3

The Best Peeps Inspired Easter IdeasYou’re all probably pretty well versed in the fact that I do not like marshmallows, not even a little bit. Therefore, I admit at the onset here that I am very firmly on the side of not liking Peeps. I don’t like them fresh. I don’t like them stale. Just, no. However, I’m also going to admit that Peeps are utterly adorable and just kind of scream of Easter nostalgia in a really good way. So basically, I am in love with all the ways people are reinventing Peeps and being inspired by these iconic little bunnies and chicks when planning for Easter. With all of that said, today we’re ushering in the holiday weekend with the best Peeps-inspired Easter ideas going! Cakes, cocktails, centerpieces. So much cuteness!

Ready to kick off Easter weekend properly? Click through for all the Peeps crafts and recipes you could ever want. There’s a lot to love. Happy Easter, friends! xoxo

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