10 Pretty DIY Planters for Spring

Mar 24

10 Pretty DIY Planters for Spring from @cydconverseI am willing the weather to change and to start feeling like spring this week. Willing it! So far, my will is not enough, but I am not giving up. This time of year I always get the itch to plant things and to watch things grow. Spring is definitely my favorite season, hands down. There is just nothing like watching flowers pop up and getting to plant a garden and herbs and big flower pots. While we’re waiting for all of that to be feasible, there’s certainly no reason we can’t add a burst of spring inside the home, which is where today’s round-up comes into play. We’re talking pretty DIY planters just perfect for these early spring days.

Most of these projects are based on very basic, terra cotta planters that you can find for just a few dollars basically any and everywhere. All of their transformations are centered on paint. Do you know what that means? These planters are as easy to make as they are pretty! Love that. So, get your spring on and click through to check out these gorgeous painted planters!

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