10 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

Jan 8

10 Best Hot Chocolate RecipesConfession time! Despite all my best intentions to freshen and lighten things up in the New Year now that the holidays are passed, I’ve got hot chocolate on the brain in a major way this week. I’m blaming it on the blizzard. We’ve been getting positively hammered with snow since Monday night and it’s supposed to continue all the way through today. (They’re saying as much as six feet before it’s all done!) Following the icestorm that had us out of power for a few days right before Christmas, it’s safe to say that winter is definitely testing us here in our neck of the woods this year. Never fear. We Upstate New Yorkers know how to handle winter. Part of the strategy? Hot chocolate to warm the bones after marathon shoveling sessions.

Today I’ve rounded up 10 of the best hot chocolate recipes to keep you feeling warm and cozy all winter long. Some are entirely decadent. Some are a little boozy. Some are healthier than you might think. (I swear.) So click through for all the yumminess!

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