10 Yummy Summer Popsicle Recipes

Aug 13

10 Yummy Summer Popsicle Recipes from @cydconverseI am going to go ahead and call it, friends. 2015 is officially the year of the homemade popsicle. The internet is no stranger to a good popsicle recipe, mind you, but this year they seem to be just about everywhere. Personally? I’m totally ok with that, because I find myself wanting to eat popsicles just about every day. No, not some weird pregnancy craving, just my latest summer obsession. Who’s with me? Cold fruit just tastes so good this time of year, I don’t care what you say.

Assuming you agree with me (and I am willing to bet you do), I’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest homemade popsicles going. Click through to check out my picks for summer’s yummiest popsicle recipes!

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