10 of Summer’s Best Beer Cocktails

Jul 29

10 of Summer's Best Beer Cocktails from @cydconverseIs anyone else a huge fan of beer cocktails? They’re slightly unexpected because I think people think of beer and just imagine it straight out of the bottle or sipped from a glass. Turns out though, beer makes for an incredible cocktail! Beer cocktails are particularly appropriate for summer because they tend to be a little lighter and crisper than many of their boozy counterparts. That said they can still go sweet or spicy or take on whatever happens to be your favorite flavor profile.

It’s Wednesday. Maybe you’re already thinking about Friday happy hour? Beautiful. You’re covered. Click through for 10 of summer’s best beer cocktails!

3 thoughts on “10 of Summer’s Best Beer Cocktails”

  1. Oh girl you kill me with the cocktails! The only beer cocktail I’ve had is a shandy and, honestly, I’m not a huge fan. Some of these though I may have to try once baby is well and out!

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