Best Summer Burger Recipes

May 28

Best Summer Burger Recipes

Now that summer is unofficially here, we probably need to chat about burgers! Burgers are the quintessential summer food, perfect for parties and casual weekday dinners alike. But let’s be real here. Gone are the days of slapping a patty on a boring bun drizzling on some ketchup and calling it a meal. Burgers have gone gourmet and I, for one, am happy about the development. While I tend toward veggie burgers considering I don’t eat meat, these days you can make a fabulous burger from just about anything. Add some freshly made toppings and just the right crusty bread and you’ve got an instant summer party in the making.

From veggie burgers to classic hamburgers to shrimp burgers, there’s a little something here for every palate. So who’s ready to fire up the grill? Click through for 12 of the best burger recipes perfect for summer!

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