At Home Beauty Treatments

Jun 7

10 At Home Beauty Treatments

Lately I’ve developed quite the fascination with at home beauty treatments. From hair masks to body scrubs to face masks, there are so many I want to try! Our very own Stephanie of Henry Happened recently posted this amazing guide to at home beauty ingredients that has only fueled my obsession with trying a whole slew of natural beauty remedies. Did you even know coconut oil was so good for you and your body? I sure didn’t, but I’m planning to rectify this ignorance asap.

Between summer sun, walking around in sandals and lounging in the water for hours on end, this is the season when our bodies take a bit of a beating. So why not rejuvenate with your very own homemade beauty treatments? They’re quick, easy and good for your body. Ready to get started? Click on through for 10 at home beauty treatments you’ll for sure want to try!

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