Best Frozen Pops + Treat Recipes

Jun 19

Recipe Favorites: Homemade Frozen Pops

Summer is about to make it’s official arrival in just a couple of days and I reckon that makes it as good a time as any to talk about frozen treats aplenty! I’ve been wanting to experiment with homemade popsicle recipes for a while now so my eye has been on picking up a few popsicle molds and getting busy in the kitchen. Homemade frozen pops are amazing because they’re fresh and delicious and often can be quite a bit healthier than the frozen treats you might pick up at the local ice cream stand. Make them with fruit, with chocolate, make them dairy free with coconut milk – the possibilities are endless!

Need a fun little way to celebrate the arrival of summer? Making homemade popsicles is just the ticket! To get inspired, click on through for 10 homemade frozen pop recipes!

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