10 Best Bubbly New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Dec 26

10 Bubbly New Year's Eve Cocktails

Happy Boxing Day, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. (Or just a wonderful day in general for those who don’t celebrate.) I wasn’t planning to go MIA this week, but with the ice storm over the weekend we were without power for over three days. Luckily we got it back just in time to host our families for Christmas dinner yesterday! Now that Christmas has come and gone, naturally my brain is making the shift to New Year’s Eve, undoubtedly one of my favorite days of the year. And when we’re talking about New Year’s celebrations, whether they be for a few or your entire crew, it just wouldn’t be right to go much further without talking about the bubbly.

Today I’ve rounded up 10 bubbly New Year’s Eve cocktails for you! From the simple to the sweet to the completely unique, these cocktails are the perfect way to toast the start of 2014. Most of these would also be perfect for sipping at brunch on New Year’s Day, too! So let’s get started. Pop the champagne and click through for 10 of the best bubbly New Year’s Eve drinks!

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