20 DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Dec 20

20 DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Since we talked all about my love for homemade holiday gifts yesterday, I figured it was only appropriate today to make sure you’ve got all the gift wrapping ideas you need for making those Christmas packages look gorgeous! It’s probably not going to shock you that I tend to be the type who gets really excited about wrapping gifts. I like gussying things up with bows and ribbons and stamps and tags. Heck, I even go so far as to have a set theme each year. This season I’m rocking tartan wrapping paper with loads of twine and gold glitter ribbon. (Love me some glitter ribbon!) The best part is, whipping up really special packages doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

Ready to top off the season with the prettiest packages around? Click through for 20 DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas – from stamping your own paper to rockin’ free printable gift tags that will serve as the perfect icing on the cake.

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