10 Best DIY Faux Christmas Trees

Dec 11

10 Best DIY Faux Christmas Trees

It’s no real secret that I’m a Christmas tree junkie. Finding that perfect tree and decking it out in the corner of the living room is such a joy for me. But let’s face it – not everyone has the space for a full-sized tree in their home. Also, let’s be real for a minute. Christmas trees aren’t cheap, friends! Which is where today’s round-up of DIY faux Christmas trees come into play! Whether made from washi tape, twigs or tissue paper, these trees are a lovely way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home while being perfect for small spaces and small budgets. (Or maybe you just want to surprise the kids with a tree of their very own in their room? These are perfect for that, too!)

Ready to kick up the holiday cheer a few notches? Click through for 10 of the best DIY faux Christmas trees and soon you’ll be decking the halls in style!

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