10 Best DIY Christmas Ornaments

Dec 5

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Last night we finally got around to decorating our tree, which we cut down this past weekend on our trip to the Christmas tree farm. I dug through boxes of ornaments and baubles, unwrapping each of them in turn while the boys scrambled to find the perfect perch on the tree for each one. Of course we couldn’t skip out on hanging the gingerbread ornaments we made over the weekend. Homemade ornaments are my favorite! My mom always busted out the glue gun and pipe cleaners with us kids every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas so we could craft cheerful lopsided ornaments. To this day, making ornaments is still one of my favorite things to do in preparing for the holidays.

Whether it be with a touch of gold leaf or a flurry of colorful felt, homemade ornaments are just the best. To inspire your holiday crafting, click through for my picks for 10 of the best DIY Christmas ornaments!

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