10 Best DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

Nov 21

10 Best DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

In case it has completely snuck up on you (like it has for me) consider this your friendly reminder – Thanksgiving is just a week away! Yeah, I know. That happened really fast, didn’t it? Which means the timing is perfect to start thinking about jazzing up your feast with a few festive little touches. Today we’re talking Thanksgiving place cards, specifically. Of the DIY variety because that’s how we roll. Why do I love place cards so much? Because it’s the easiest way to add a little something pretty to your table without having to work too hard for it. (You’re already going to be slaving over the turkey and the potatoes, why make things more complicated than they need to be?)

From pretty gilded pears to whimsical hand painted turkeys, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best DIY Thanksgiving place cards for your crafting pleasure. I promise you, all of these ideas are quick and relatively inexpensive, and I further promise you that any of these festive options will make your guests feel pretty gosh darn special. Click through for 10 DIY Thanksgiving place cards!

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