10 Favorite No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Oct 23

10 Favorite No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Truth be told, carving pumpkins every year is something I really look forward to doing. In fact, this past weekend we did just that. We poured big glasses of apple cider, cranked up the volume on Monster Mash and set about carving and hacking away at our pumpkins. (See evidence here on Instagram.) But more and more this year I’m finding myself drawn to really amazing no carve pumpkin ideas. Kind of like my black and white painted pumpkin from a couple of weeks ago. The advantages of a no carve pumpkin? Less mess, for one! Plus if you’re like me and your carving skills don’t really seem to improve with trial and error, a carveless route may be the perfect option for you. Bonus – pumpkins that aren’t carved will stand the test of time much better and can stick around dressing up your seasonal decor all fall long!

Want to get cracking at your own pumpkin creation? Click through for 10 of my favorite no carve pumpkin ideas – we’re talking fancy paint jobs, succulent embellishments, a bit of metallic gold and even vintage postage stamps!

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