10 Awesome Fall Soup Recipes

Sep 29

10 Awesome Fall Soup RecipesHi, friends, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I feel like some kind of grade A baby today, but I’m still feeling completely knocked out by this cold I’m fighting. Or maybe it’s the flu? It might be the flu. Whatever it is, I hate it. So today we’re going to talk about soup! Because soup is about the only thing that’s of interest to me at the moment. Soup and naps, actually. Both are equally awesome.

We know so so many people who are sick right now. Hopefully you are feeling healthy and happy this week, but if you need a little soup in your life I’ve got you covered. Click through for 10 awesome fall soup recipes – the cure for whatever ails you!

4 thoughts on “10 Awesome Fall Soup Recipes”

  1. Love the recipes. Find the slideshow annoying. It loads too slowly for me to continue when I’m scanning blogs quickly. Is there any way to show them all in a block so we can view quickly and click to open those we’re interested in?

    I know I’m being picky. And you’re being fabulous!

    1. Hi Denise! I really appreciate the feedback. And it’s not being picky at all! ;-) I’m working on a site redesign for early 2015 so I will definitely take this into account when thinking about the new site functionality. I appreciate you chiming in! xo

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