10 Delicious Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Oct 13

10 Delicious Savory Pumpkin RecipesMmmmm! Who doesn’t love pumpkin season? Gosh, I’m such a sucker. It’d be easy to wax poetic about all sweet and yummy pumpkin things and, no worries, we’ll get there before the season is done. Today, however, I want to chat about tasty savory pumpkin recipes. The kind that are so unexpectedly delicious you just can’t enough. Like pumpkin gnocchi, roasted pumpkin paired with feta, and pumpkin soup you want to guzzle by the pot full.

So let’s do this thing, shall we? Let’s make ourselves ridiculously hungry on a Monday afternoon such that we have no choice but to buy a couple pumpkins on the way home to roast later in the week. Click through for 10 of the yummiest pumpkin recipes ever made!

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