Home Office Tour: Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed

Feb 13

Home Tour: Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed

Good morning and greetings from Detroit, friends! Today I am making the long trek to North Dakota where I will be taking up temporary residence for the next week or so. So the name of the game for me today? Loads of coffee and sharing today’s Nook with you! Today’s space is the home office of Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed and her husband Ryan. You should already know Chelsea from her days as a contributor for The Sweetest Occasion, but you should also be warned that Chelsea is a massively talented actress and musician. She’s kind of bad ass, if you want to know the truth.

Featuring clean lines, a moody gray color and bright white accents, I really love Chelsea and Ryan’s work space. They live and work in Los Angeles, having recently moved back to the west coast following a lengthy stint in New York. Oh, and Ryan? He’s pretty great, too. You can find him at Roundhouse Designs where he works on bringing awesomeness to the web. Without further ado, here’s their office – click through for all the details!

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