Favorites: Valentine’s Day Sweets + Treats

Feb 11

Valentine's Day Sweets + Treats

By now you guys know that I have a killer sweet tooth. It’s definitely my biggest vice! And, frankly, I can think of no better reason to whip up a few special little treats than Valentine’s Day. It’s the easiest way to show some love on a day that’s, well, all about love. From a tasty breakfast treat to a sweet surprise stashed in a lunch box, you seriously can’t go wrong with a little token of affection of the edible variety. Even better if it’s heart-shaped! (Seriously, it can be as easy as cutting brownies into hearts with a cookie cutter. So cute!)

Looking to make Valentine’s Day super special for your someone special? I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite Valentine’s Day sweets and treats to get you inspired. Click through for all the sweetness!

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