Crafty Valentine’s Day DIY + Printables

Feb 8

Favorite Valentines Day Crafts from The Sweetest Occasion

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so let’s talk crafts, shall we? I know I’ve lamented before about really not being a huge fan of the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day. Overpriced red roses and big boxes of chocolate? Completed overrated if you ask me. That said, I love the sentiment of Valentine’s Day and taking a day to show a little love and appreciation for the people you love most in your life. So handmade gestures of the love-filled variety are definitely something with which I can get on board!

Perfect for kids, friends or your better half, all of these projects are super easy to do and will instantly make Valentine’s Day feel like a true celebration!  Click through for 12 of my favorite Valentine’s Day DIY projects and printables!

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