For the Love of White.

Nov 8

My favorite flower always has been and likely always will be the white rose. From where the obsession originated, I have not a clue, but most anyone who knows me well knows I gravitate toward white roses like a moth to a flame. There is something so romantic, classic, sophisticated and beautiful about a bunch of lush white roses. Needless to say, there has never been a doubt in my mind, not even for a split second, that my bouquet will be all white, with a heavy emphasis on roses. I also love peonies though they are tragically not in season in July. If they were, I would run about the gardens at my father’s house and clip my own bouquet from the peony bushes. I was just flipping through my collection of clipped images of bouquets and, naturally, they all have much in common. Rich, lush all-white blooms with little to no greenery, and big full tightly packed bouquets. Gorgeous! I thought I might share some that I particularly love…

This bouquet of roses, peonies and dahlias from The Knot shows up frequently…but it’s so gorgeous I can understand why! I’ve been lusting after this bouquet for years. Literally.

White roses and hydrangeas. Photo by yours truly.

Source unknown.

Source unknown.

Source unknown.

With just a tiny peep of pink, also from The Knot.

Photo via The Knot.

I am officially coocoo for Cocoa Puffs over that gorgeous blue ribbon and rhinestone wrap! Bouquet by Paradise Delight.

Mrs. Lovebug, AKA Ellie Moore’s gorgeous bouquet from her April wedding in Tucson.
Bouquet by Bella Blooms, photography by Michael Norwood.

The one thing that has remained constant in the ever-evolving picture of our wedding in my brain is an abundance of white flowers throughout. A white bouquet for me, white bouquets for my bridesmaids, white centerpieces, etc. etc. How exactly that all plays out specifically is very much up for debate. I have pretty much always intended to tackle a minimum of the centerpieces on my own. The ladies in my family, in particular my beloved late grandmother, are great gardeners and I always just kind of figured that with a couple of bottles of wine and several large buckets of assorted white flowers purchased in bulk online or locally, we would be able to pull together all of our centerpiece needs a day before the wedding. Just to be sure I’ve covered my bases, I may look to meet with a few florists in the next several weeks to get more concrete ideas regarding pricing so when I’m panicking over whether or not our DIY approach is going to actually work, I’ll be able to remind myself why it is so very worth the effort.

What about you ladies? Does anyone else have a favorite color or type of flower that is influencing much or all of your flower choices for the wedding?

*I have been saving these images much longer than I have been blogging and a few sources are unknown. As always, if you know the source of an image or the image is your’s, I would be more than happy to source appropriately.*