Sweet Inspiration [Emerald & Fuschia]

Dec 6
I’m thinking this gorgeous shade of emerald green with bright pops of fuschia would look smashing with my love affair for champagne. Sure, I know I’m supposed to be done debating this whole color issue, but apparently I rather enjoy torturing myself with my endless imagination and excitability. And I’m pretty sure an abundance of fabulous shimmery neutrals with pops of bright summer color would be amazing. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Inspiration [Emerald & Fuschia]”

  1. Love love love love love this… Might have to change my whole wedding colour combo! Whoops, I’ve only got 3 weeks, darn…

  2. Well, then you'll have to decide on what you want with the champagne! Bright colours (such as emerald & fuchsia) would be a fun and lively day. Or you could use some jewel tones (such as burgundy & navy) to complement champagne for a classical look.

  3. babypicturethis, I SO agree with you!!! I love them in such an unexpected way!

    Krista, Ummmm…..that, my dear, is the question. Wow. That is kind of a profound question, honestly. Now that you pose the question, I think you may be right – it may be a matter of how best to compliment the champange. *sigh* Talk about confuzzling!

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous. Are you re-thinking the colour palette, or just fantasizing about how to complement champagne?

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