Sweet Treats

Apr 1

Have I ever mentioned how much M loves cookies? I mean, the man seriously loves cookies. In fact, cookies may well be my only contender for his heart. Lucky for both us, he doesn’t have to choose. Needless to say, in my great internal debate about favors (who really needs them anyway?) I’m sort of attached to the idea of treating our guests to cookies. It’s just so perfectly us because we’re both such lovers of sweets and because anyone who knows M knows he literally can’t go a day without cookies. Perhaps, Kat {aka Mrs. Charry Pie} just made my mind up for me. I’m not sure it gets any better than the cookie bundles they gave their guests. Don’t you just love these?

10 thoughts on “Sweet Treats”

  1. those are sooooo cute!!! We are doing cookies too for our wedding! And the favors are their place holders..which are cute! BuT i think cookies is by far the best :O)!

    Happy Belated birthday!

  2. OOoh–those are making me seriously hungry just looking at them!

    We did homemade brownies and blondies as our favours, and everyone devoured them. I’ve never seen so many people eat so much food as I did at my wedding!

    And Happy birthday! I don’t think 26 counts as late 20’s…I’m about to turn 27, and I’m still not going to consider that late 20’s!!! Eek!

  3. I’m a big cookies/cake/muffins/scones type of girl. So I totally understand the sweet tooth factor. Oh, and, Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. those are cute, and everyone loves cookies. i think edible favors are always a good idea. happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! And I love the idea of cookie bundles as your favour. It sounds like it will reflect the two of you perfectly and yum yum yum cookies!!

  6. They are adorable, Birthday Girl.

    (Everyone posting after me can now see today’s your birtday.)

    I’m thinking of the favour being a donation to the Cancer Society. But partially b/c it’s a good cause, and partially b/c I couldn’t decide what treat to give away!

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