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Guest Post – Inspired by Home with Zenadia Design

My next visitor is none other than the supremely talented Heidi Jimenez of Zenadia Design. Heidi designs incredibly beautiful invitations, each one a unique work of art worthy of heirloom status. Today I am so happy to have her here to share a little glimpse of what inspires her. Thanks, Heidi!

Whenever I create an invitation, I’m always excited to hear what my clients color palettes are for their event, as I believe color plays a big roll in our senses and how we feel and react to things. I’ve always had a fascination for color, so when it came time for me to decorate my home, I knew I wanted lots of warm and inviting colors. Taking my inspiration from French and Italian decor, I created an environment that I fine peaceful, warm and welcoming. My favorite place to be when I want to relax is in my home.







My office, located in my home, is painted in one of my favorite colors. When I first started my business, red was one of the colors in my branding. I’ve since changed my branding style which no longer includes red, but I’ve kept it in my office because I find it such a fun and inspiring color to work around.



ZenadiaOffice3{Photos by Zenadia Design.}

Isn’t Heidi’s space absolutely gorgeous? Stay tuned from more inspiration from Heidi later today!

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