Color Palette: Deep Blue + Golden

Jul 8

Well, friends, I did it! Over the holiday weekend I took four entire days away from the computer, unplugged from the internet and loved every little bit. We spent time with friends, took the boys to the beach where they wore themselves completely ragged playing with friends, sat around more than a few campfires, traveled to visit family and managed more than our fair share of bug bites and sunburns. In other words, it was just the kind of awesome that I love. How was your holiday weekend? Is anyone else having a hard time getting back in the groove today? This color palette fits my mood perfectly today. It’s slightly dark and moody (much like the weather which, not surprisingly, has switched back to rain), but also really pretty with shades of deep blue, gold and pear. I’m kind of loving it, I have to say.

Color Palette: Deep Blue + Golden


[Photos, from top: Old Barn Rescue Company via Apartment Therapy | Oh, Darling Photography | Sarah Culver from The Glitter Guide.]

2 thoughts on “Color Palette: Deep Blue + Golden”

  1. Beautiful! I love your blog and keep all your color palettes for reference in making jewelry and decorating. I’m glad you took some time to “unplug”. I’ve been scared to start my own blog, because I just don’t know how all my favorite bloggers (like you!) find the time to do it! And most of you have small children!!! I am in awe of how you do it all, but happy that you do, as I just love all the posts! :)

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