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Happy July 4th Link Love

American Flag Engagement Photo

[Photo by Michelle Cross.]

Hey guys! I’m about to sign off for tomorrow’s holiday festivities and wanted to check in with a bit o f July 4th link love before officially calling it a long weekend. I have decided to take the next few days to relax and spend the time with friends and family so this will be the last you hear of me until Monday. But never fear! I’m not running off without giving you a dose of the good stuff. In the meantime I want to wish you all an amazing July 4th holiday and a fabulous weekend to those of you who don’t live in the States. As a quick aside, I’m feeling particularly proud to be an American a week after this happened. It’s exactly the kind of freedom, acceptance and independence on which our country was founded and I was brought to tears of joy last week rejoicing in this victory. So with that I’m off to wave my stars and stripes! Much love to you all! xoxo

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