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Happy Weekend

Hi, guys! I’m sorry it’s been so quiet around here this week. We’ve been gearing up for our huge annual camping trip. I’m talking no fewer than roughly 18 kids, near twice as many adults, on an island accessible only by boat. Where we spend the days literally doing little else but kayaking, fishing, reading books, chit chatting around the fire and cooking up massive feasts fit for an army. This morning the car is packed up (with barely enough room to fit ourselves, mind you) and we’re off! By 8am we should be pushing away from the dock and headed out for three days of internet-free bliss. Because, let’s face it – sometimes you just need some internet-free bliss in your life. We’ve been looking forward to and talking about this weekend all summer!


[Photo by Sincerely, Kinsey.]

Before I sneak off, I just want to thank you so much for your unending support. Thank you for being here each week reading along with my ramblings. If you need an extra dose of inspiration this weekend, check out a few of my recent posts over at Babble. And have a beautiful weekend! Because you deserve it. Much love – see you on Monday! xoxo



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