Friday Link Love (And 3 Recipes Made with Halloween Candy)

Nov 1

Hi, guys! How was your Halloween? I apologize for the late post today, but we’ve had the craziest windstorm blowing through these parts all day and our internet access as been spotty at best. So today you get two posts rolled into one, sound good? First up, let’s talk Halloween candy. There’s a good chance you’ve got a surplus hanging around the house today so I figured we should all team up and clear it out. The best way to do that? Why, to transform it into the yummiest of baked goods, of course! Yeah, I know, I know. That’s hardly healthy. But if you have a gathering coming up this weekend you can solve two problems with one delicious batch of cookies. We’re talking Snickers profiteroles, cookies studded with candy corn and an amazing chocolate cake covered in crushed Whoppers. Yum! And be sure to scroll down for your weekly dose of link love. xoxo

3 Recipes Made with Leftover Halloween Candy from @cydconverse

[1: Snickers profiteroles | 2: Candy corn white chocolate cookies | 3: Chocolate Whoppers cake.]

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