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The Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids + Teens

Eighteen. That’s the number of kids on our Christmas shopping list. I know, I know. It seems crazy, doesn’t it? But add in a whole bunch of nieces and nephews on both sides of the equation and it tallies up to a whole giant gaggle of kids to shop for, ranging in age from just about 15 months to 16 years old. So with this year’s gift guide, I’m bringing you a random assortment of gifts for kids and teens that span the ages. From sparkly makeup brushes for the teens in your life to cuddly stuffed bunnies for those little babes who aren’t yet thinking about what color lip gloss they want to wear to the pep rally at school. I’ve also tried to round up a whole bunch of price points for you, too, because we certainly don’t buy expensive flashy gifts for all eighteen of those kiddos. Sometimes a set of awesome wooden blocks is just the ticket!

The Gift Guide - Gifts for Kids and Teens

Don’t forget to give your girl a follow over at Keep where I’m collecting all of my favorite holiday gift ideas this season. I’ve been adding a bunch of gifts for kids and teens beyond what you see here so you can scope it out for all those kiddos, nieces and nephews in your life. Santa’s job has never been easier!

1: Duck feet book + slipper set, $38 | 2: Modern ABC block set, $19.79 | 3: T-Rex eraser, $8 | 4: Penny skateboard, $100 | 5: Plaid trapper hat, $39.50 | 6: Cam0 notebook, $8.50 | 7: Red heart sparkle earrings, $16 | 8: Blossom pacifier + rattle holder, $16 | 9: Snuggle bunny, $63 | 10: Magic tricks kit, $12.95 | 11: Slumber party graphic tote, $19.99 | 12: Metallic brush set, $40 | 13: Wooden croc toy, $65 | 14: Lemonade t-shirt, $26 | 15: Hello Kitty iPhone case, $34.99 | 16: Jump rope, $18

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